Thursday, April 26, 2012

Proper care and feeding of the monster you've created...

Whoah.  So...

100,000 views.  Check.  Media/press junket.  Check.  Successful evasion of law enforcement.  Check.

It's becoming apparent that the "413" music video has instilled a sense of long overdue and much-deserved pride in Western Massachusetts.  Boston media outlets have taken up the story and reaction is mixed.  There are lovers and haters on both sides.  That probably comes as no surprise.  It's time for a reality check...

As a wise man once said, "Only a Sith Lord deals in extremes".  I couldn't agree more.  Good people of W. Massachusetts- I'm here to tell you that although we in the 413 have lived in the shadow of Beantown since the inception of the Commonwealth we have proven ourselves a hearty, resilient people capable of great things.  Things such as Basketball, Volleyball and the Lorax.

Let's take a look at these things...

Basketball.  It's a game.  It's fun.  Lot's of people watch it and play it.

Volleyball.  It's also a game and it's also fun.  It's a great excuse to get to the beach (even though you do in fact have to go to E. Mass for that).

The Lorax- a peaceful creature who spoke for the trees.  We have trees here in W. Mass.  Lots of them.  They provide shade and oxygen.  We need oxygen to breathe.  So let's all take a deep breath.



Good.  Better.

I've witnessed a few sour apples spoil the whole bunch in my day and I'm making it my mission to not let that happen here.  I've never had a mission in life.  Now I do.

I'm reading some disturbing posts from both residents of Eastern AND Western Massachusetts who are using the surge in popularity of the "413" music video to bash either end of the state.  I certainly thank for re-posting the video, I was not happy with the hostility shown in the comments from both sides.

I won't stand for it.  The Dr. will not stand for this aggression.  This aggression will not

When I wrote the song, "413" and conceptualized and created the music video- my intention was simple.  Remind people about the things we all love and have in common.  I was happy when people in W. Mass rallied around the song and video, finding a rekindled joy in their commonalities.  I understand that this sounds rather hippy-dippy.  So let's get another thing straight- I'm not a huge fan of hippies.  They don't smell very good and they can be very passive-aggressive when it comes to things like paying for gas, inviting you to the movies and bogarting the 3 footer.

But I digress...

Dr. Westchesterson is no lilly-livered, fancy-dandy, limp-noodled peacenik.  I'll step to any mothafucka' who brings the noise up in my grill an' shit.  However, the truth of the matter is that I choose to walk in the footsteps of Gahndi and King.  I roundly reject violence as a means to solving problems and I will stand my ground to defend what I hold dearest to me.  That being the pursuit of life, liberty and happiness.  The foundation of such a method... love.

I love Boston.  Those duck boats are a fuckin' trip!  And guess what?  I love Worcester too and I'm not afraid to say it!  I used to shop at Spag's.  And DON'T tell me you didn't because I KNOW you benefitted at one time or another from their reasonably priced line of home goods and various sundries located along the bargain basement priced and infamous "back wall".

Just because Boston was kind of there first (I mean- it's not Boston's fault they're on the coast) and just because they have all the sports teams which means we have to schlep our asses down the pike to watch Tom Brady prance around in his cleats mugging for the cameras, it's no reason to lower ourselves to starting wars where there need be none.

So I am taking up the cause.  My cause is not to prove we in Western Massachusetts are better than other regions of this great land but rather to let the rest of the country and the world know that the 413 stands proudly shoulder to shoulder with other more seemingly "prominent" area codes.  Whether you're 508 or 617 or even 666, W. Mass shall stand boldly, lower it's steely gaze into the eyes of it's neighbors and extend an open hand.  If that hand should be slapped away, we'll extend our left hand- now holding an olive branch.  Should that olive branch be crushed.  We'll stand with our hands by our side and our heads held high, confident and proud to be...

from the 413, bitches.


  1. And the Doc strikes again! Well said.

  2. Haters will hate- so many angry, narcissistic, people out there who think that someone always has to be BETTER than someone else to have value. Kudos on taking the high road & keep up the good work.
    Don't give them the satisfaction of being heard, it just gives them validation.

  3. Haters will hate. Couldn't have said it better myself...