Thursday, March 28, 2013

The Face of Springfield

Proving that lightning can strike twice is a daunting task.  Somehow though, I've managed to accomplish just that with the release of my last music video (I'm from) Western Mass.  I've also discovered that establishing oneself as a celebrated regional icon and hip hop personality requires a specialized blend of chutzpah combined with a singular sense of purpose topped with a bit of good ol' fashioned razzle dazzle.  At this point I think it's obvious that I am not only proud of my Western Massachusetts heritage but am willing to stick my neck out at the risk of great personal exposure to proclaim my love for the 413.  As one of the last true American Outlaws, I'm not willing to put it all on the line for just any cause.  But when the Greater Springfield Convention and Visitors Bureau contacted me about producing another music video to help bring some tourist dollas into the Springfield area, how could I say no to the city that made me what I am today?

Sometimes, a dream is bigger than the dreamer.  And in this case, the dream is all about food and drink.  And limos.  And...strippers.  So when the bureau tasked me with helping them draw "millenials" (that means people between the ages of 21-30) to Springfield's finest eating and drinking establishments, I was relieved that the city was smart enough to call in an expert like myself.  When it comes to food and drink- I only roll with the finest cuisine and the most exquisite libations.

 Once again, I called up the best lens man in the business- Trevor Holden.
And we hired the best limousine Springfield had to offer- Absolute Luxury.
Then we filled that limousine with a bunch of hot chicks and a LOT of champagne!  And the rest as they history.

We wrapped the shoot after some hardcore partying at Plan B where DJ Suspence kicked out the jams.  Last thing I remember is kickin' it at the bar next to some shorties at the Mardi Gras.  I can't remember what happened after that...

But when we had finished editing the video, it was clear that we had changed the advertising/tourism game forever.  What we'd created was not so much an advertisement as a calling to all the young and young at heart.  A demand to drop whatever they might be doing and get to Springfield immediately because,  "Good times happen in Springfield".

I'm flattered to be the new face of tourism for the city of Springfield.  I think the city needs a guy like me.  A guy that you can all point your fingers at and say, "That's the good time party guy.  That's the guy who will double down on Schnitzel at the Student Prince then wash it down with a half dozen dirty martinis at Max's Tavern.  That's the guy who- even though he's wanted by the FBI- will risk his very freedom to make sure the world knows about the culinary delights that await just off of I-91 only moments north of the Connecticut state line."

Thank you for this honor Springfield.  I humbly accept.  And while I've yet to receive the key to the city from the Mayor or a statue dedicated to me in front of Symphony Hall- I'm claiming the title.  I am the undisputed ruler of the 413.  I am...the face of Springfield.  To celebrate this fact (and the release of aforementioned video)- we're going to party.

The video drops on April 12th.  We'll be rocking a little cocktail party at the Delaney House in Holyoke from 5:30-7pm where I'll present the video, press the flesh and ham it up for the cameras per usual.  There will be booze and food a plenty.  After that, I'll be jumping in the limo and heading up to Northampton to Bishop's Lounge to rock the mic at 10pm.  You're cordially invited to both events.  Bring your A-game.  I'll bring the dope beats...